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2019 Club Championship

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Bryan Hague

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OverallRoadCross CountryFellChallenge
76th overall72nd overall60th overall109th overall ⋄
7th MV607th MV605th MV607th MV60 ⋄
118 points60 points0 points58 points118 points

Trunce 2Fell Series29/04/201935951:3143
Spencers Dash 2Road Series01/05/201919535:5656
Trunce 3Fell Series13/05/201926346:3450
Trunce 4Fell Series03/06/201927146:1451
Spencers Dash 3Road Series05/06/201915134:5358
Trunce 5Fell Series24/06/201921245:2652
Spencers Dash 4Road Series03/07/201914534:2359
Trunce 6Fell Series15/07/201918643:2056
Trunce 7Fell Series05/08/201916643:0556
Spencers Dash 5Road Series07/08/201912734:0160
Trunce 8Fell Series19/08/201915341:5058