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2019 Club Championship

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James Fryers

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OverallRoadCross CountryFellChallenge
32nd overall11st overall ⋄46th overall50th overall ⋄
6th M Senior5th M Senior ⋄11st M Senior6th M Senior ⋄
396 points232 points81 points0 points396 points

Spencers Dash 1Road Series03/04/2019 5325:5580
Spencers Dash 2Road Series01/05/2019 5825:5480
Club mileClub mile08/05/2019 265:5384
Furty Furlong 1Cross Country Series11/05/2019 4430:2181
Spencers Dash 3Road Series05/06/2019 6827:5474
Joe Percy Invitation 10KRoad12/06/201916146:2975
Huddersfield 5K 3Road Series18/07/2019 2522:0377
Spencers Dash 6Road Series04/09/2019 5426:4578
Furty Furlong 2Cross Country Series26/10/2019 1331:1879